Aranye 2014 – Bengali Short Film

Someone recently brought to my attention a Bengali short film that I had to share with you. The film is about a group of film makers that go into a jungle called Labanyadihi to shoot a “forest fiction documentary” even though they have heard tale that there is a crazy murderer in the forest.

While in the forest, they run across a strange man named Jagdish who says he is lost in the jungle and needs help finding his way out. They soon cross paths with the crazy murderer and one by one he hunts them down.

I have always been a fan of the “crazy murderer in the woods” low budget films, and this one fits the category perfectly. Although the opening credits are in English there is barely any other English in the film (although it does appear with comic effect from time to time.) The fact that I do not speak the language didn’t detract from this film in any way, and may have even made it more enjoyable for me. This film truly shows the universal appeal of the genre and cinema in general. It truly does show that cinema is a language all its own.


Rajkumar patra,
Rocky rupkumar patra,
Indrani toong,
Priya singh,
Sayan chakraborty,
Gopal, Surojeet Das,
Tarit chakraborty,
AND Barun singha deb.


MUSIC DIRECTOR BY: Saurav Ghosh (Sunny)
MUSIC ARRANGED BY: Soumyadeep Halder
EDITOR:Raj s giri