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The Haunting Of Linda Vista Hospital

*Reposted from A Brief History of Linda Vista Hospital Linda Vista Hospital in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles opened in 1904 as the Santa Fe Coast Lines Hospital. The original building was razed in 1924, and replaced with the current structure. In 1980, the hospital changed management, and in 1989 the name […]


Why is Friday the 13th Feared?

Today is Friday the 13th. In 2015 we are (un)lucky enough to be graced with three Friday the 13th’s (2014 and 2016 both have only 1). And although you are not likely to encounter any hockey mask wearing psychopaths today, for many, the fear of Friday the 13th, and the number 13 is real. Fear […]


The Top 5 Scariest Places Around Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a scary place filled with gang bangers, hipsters, wanna be stars and trust fund kids. Some may say that the top 5 scariest places around Los Angeles are the bars on Hollywood Blvd, or the Sunset Strip or the homeless tent cities downtown. Those places may be gut wrenching anxiety inducing bastions […]


Zombicon 2013 | Ft Myers Florida

Steam Punk Zombies That’s right, the theme for 2013’s Zombiecon in Ft Myers Florida was The Time Machine. Those folks in Southwest Florida know how to do their zombie events right. Why shouldn’t they? they have the pedigree. Ft Myers was one of the shooting locations for George Romero’s Day of the Dead. To add […]