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Star Wars The Last Jedi Is A Misogynistic attack on Feminism

Star Wars The Last Jedi was an awful movie. There are plenty of things that we can’t point at to show how bad it was. From the poor comedy choices, to the complete misunderstanding of what the other 7 movies (and TV series’) have built, to the seeming need to make every choice “unexpected”. The […]


Ash Vs The Evil Dead

So the dreams of many have been fulfilled. Ash Vs the Evil Dead is real, and the first season has started. Unfortunately, it is on Starz, so I will have to wait for the season 1 DVD release. (or Amazon Prime, or iTunes). I don’t have cable (at all), so it would cost me $100 […]


Killer Shrooms and Major Wang: Fungicide Review By Erica Doering

Hi this is Erica Doering with IHN: Independent Horror News. The movie that I review this month is Fungicide. Available on a DVD collection of independent horror movies called Drenched in Blood it’s definitely worth seeing. It starts a little slow like a lot these do. At first we meet the mad scientist character who lives in his parents basement. There’s a little interaction between his […]


Torture Porn is Gross: Gag Review by Erica Doering

Hi! This is Erica Doering and this month, we review Gag. A movie that was pretty much disgusting the whole way. The whole entire time it was like balls to the wall disgusting. To be honest with you, I thought it was too much gore. Too much, I mean just moment after Moment after moment the whole entire film […]


Giant Sperm that Squeak? Slither Review by Nick Hoffman

Slither (2006) There are two kinds of horror movies that are worth watching. The first of course is the classic jump from your seat stain your drawers scream-a-thon. The second is the camped out, laugh yourself silly, and end up on Mystery Science Theater 3000, cheese fest. It’s the rare film that really manages to scare. Rarer still the […]


Is this the road to hell? Grindhouse Review by Nick Hoffman

Planet Terror \ Death Proof – Review When the previews for Grindhouse hit the theatres a couple months back I, and probably every one with a fond remembrance for Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry was worked up. An homage to the grindhouse days of yore made by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez the modern-day high priest to the form? Riteous! Sign me […]


Dark Shadows – 2012 Film Review

Another Remake I am not a fan of remakes. I do understand that they sometimes work. The Bogart version of The Maltese Falcon is far superior to the previous incantations of the story, but for the most part, I feel remakes are the direct result of a lack of imagination. Film adaptations of television shows […]


Godzilla – 2014 | Film Review

Hollywood has a problem with cult franchises. They just don’t seem to get it. I grew up watching the Japanese Godzilla movies, andI loved them. The Hollywood Godzilla movies have both been utter crap. Character Development there where only two characters in this film that had any sort of character development at all. Brian Cranstons […]


Wolves – 2014 | Movie Review

Who doesn’t love a good werewolf movie? American Werewolf in London, The Howling, Dog Soldiers, hell, even Ginger Snaps are all good werewolf movies. However, the advent of CGI has given us a plethora of bad werewolf movies… (does anyone remember American Werewolf in Paris?). 2014’s Wolves (starring Lucas Till, Stephen McHattie, and Jason Momoa) […]


Dracula Untold | Movie Review

I like vampire movies. I like history. So when I first saw the trailer for Dracula Untold, I was a bit excited. It didn’t look like the horrible, sparkly, teeny bopper vampires Hollywood had been force feeding us recently. It looked decent. The story places Luke Evans in the title character, and brings us back […]

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