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Porcelain Rising: Because Scary Dolls, That’s Why.

Dolls are Scary I am not sure if it was the first Poltergeist film’s scene with the clown doll that did it, or maybe some insane short film I saw when I was a kid that had a murderous ventriloquist dummy in it (I don’t remember what it was called), but somewhere in my childhood, […]


Something is lurking in the shadows in the Horror Short “Lights Out”

Lights Out As part of the 2013 Who’s There Film Challenge David F. Sandbergs short film Lights Out is sure to give you a jump. This streaming short horror film follows a woman getting ready for bed. She is haunted by a presence in her house with her. Hiding under the covers won’t save her. […]


Shadows – Dramatic Short Film

Shadows Filmed in 2007, and hidden away from sight, This Stirring tale of drugs, depression and the descent into madness is as disturbing as it is compelling. An Iraq war veteran is tormented by the events of his past. After hooking up with some drugs to try and take his mind off of the horrors […]


M is for Matchmaker

Watch Tiffany Shepis in Sean Trettas M is for Matchmaker. The tale of a man looking for the perfect woman and using a matchmaker to find her. All is not as it seems though, as this isn’t your ordinary matchmaking service. Written and Directed by SEAN TRETTA Starring TIFFANY SHEPIS FELISSA ROSE SEBASTIAN KUNNAPPILLY ANNABELLE […]


La Llorona: The Weeping Woman | Horror Short Film

Urban Legends and Horror Cinema Where would we be without Urban Legends? I’m not talking about the Urban Legends film franchise, I’m talking about the countless local, regional, and global legends that spawn so many great horror stories. There’s the Mothman, The Jersey Devil, Bloody Mary… and La Llorona… to name but a few. I […]


Banshee – Horror Short Film

Four friends on a weekend trip to Ireland quickly realized that the Banshee is not just an urban myth Written/Directed by Michael Elkin, Produced by Catherine Laine Official selection at: Brancage Film Festival 2010 Brain Wash Horror New York 2010 London Short Film Festival 2011 Big Easy Orlando Film Festival 2011 What all the Screaming […]


3 Short Films fill in The Gaps between Rise, and Dawn of The Planet of the Apes

Before the Dawn of The Apes Twentieth Century Fox’s Dawn of the Planet of The Apes hits theaters July 11th. In an interesting marketing strategy, Fox has teamed up with Vice Medias Motherboard to release 3 short films that document the events the have transpired between the new “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” […]

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