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Horror Short Film – Dollface

​ Dollface Short Film Horror DOLLFACE is a short horror movie made in 51 hours for the 2011 Producers’ Guild’s Debra Hill short film contest. I am pretty impressed with this short film. it is well lit, well shot and well acted. The look, and locations are awesome, and the editing is seamless. The story , […]


now,here – Horror Short Film

Now,here | Horror Short Film A photographer explores an abandoned mansion with his girlfriend. They find out that anything can happen, in the middle of nowhere. Shot at the beautiful Istana Woodneuk. This horror short film is beautifully shot in the type of location that makes most photographers drool. The shots are eloquently framed, and […]


The Coke Witch Project

Synopsis In the essence of full disclosure, I submit this gem from my own archive of trash. This Short Film, The Coke Witch Project, was shot on… I believe a JVC consumer model SVHS-C Camcorder. This was edited in camera (because who had a computer in 1999?). I believe the… ehhhhmmm… snazzy titles and credits […]


Dinner with John – Horror Short Film

The Only Good Cookie, Is A Halloween Cookie   Set up by her cousin, Debbie goes on a dinner date with a guy named John. What Debbie doesn’t know is John has more planned for her than just dinner & dessert. Dinner With John is a short film about a blind date between Debbie (played […]


The Dummy (1982) Horror Short Film

When I was a child, I used to spend the summers at my Grandparents house. They had a pool, and HBO so it was a load of fun. This was back in the early 1980’s when HBO would run short films between feature films. At some point (and I don’t really remember when) I saw […]


Aranye 2014 – Bengali Short Film

Someone recently brought to my attention a Bengali short film that I had to share with you. The film is about a group of film makers that go into a jungle called Labanyadihi to shoot a “forest fiction documentary” even though they have heard tale that there is a crazy murderer in the forest. While […]


Satan’s Coming for You – Stream of Consciousness Short Film

Synopsis Satanic serial killers Alister (Dakota Bailey ) & Bubba ( Matt Marshall) get more when they bargained for when they have an acid trip and meet Satan himself, and the two of them decide to go on a reign of terror in this brutal short film that features murder, digging up corpses, burning corpses […]

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